September 6, 2014

In The Midst Of Transition.

Currently I am beginning my attempts at a ketogenic diet, as well as taking my dreaming herbs every morning (300mg silene capensis and 300mg synaptolepis kirkii).

I have ordered chlorogenic acid (green coffee bean extract), which theoretically will assist in ketogenisis, at least when occasional carbohydrates are desired. Chlorogenic acid is typically used as a weight loss supplement, though I have no interest in losing weight. In fact, I wouldn't mind gaining a few pounds.

Speaking of weight, I realize I should post my weight, as this is highly relevant to dose. I will perhaps make an "about" page where I will offer this information. For now, note that it is on the low end for a 20 year old male.

After taking my dreaming mix, I try to wait at least one hour before eating, but have not been avoiding protein, as is commonly recommended. Occasionally I will snack before the hour is up, until I remember I'm not supposed to. I'm aware this could result in vomiting if I dosed higher or ate more.

The ketogenic diet, in particular, will be effecting my experiments with GHB biosynthesis. As such, I am putting GHB on the back burner 'till I'm on more stable ground. Incidentally, my goals for GHB use have changed. I will go into more detail later.

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