GHB Biosynthesis Induction.

Disclaimer: I am neither a medical doctor, nor am I a lawyer. Don't take what I say seriously. Attempt at your own risk, ideally with expert oversight.


I am writing this to document my attempts to legally biosynthesize the illegal depressant GHB. This can be done by combining several supplements to increase the natural production of GHB. I intend to use this primarily as a sleep aid. For this reason, much of the information I've gathered regards the effects of GHB on sleep.

I was unable to find any other case of GHB biosynthesis being attempted, save for people taking the illegal direct precursors which are converted in the liver. Since this post represents the first report of this nature, thorough documentation is particularly valuable. If you do attempt this, please email me ( or leave a comment bellow detailing your experience.

I intend to edit this page in order to cite my sources, polish my writing, and either make the information more complete or link to pages that do.

The Why Of GHB Biosynthesis (In No Particular Order)

  • Legality. I assume that promoting the natural mechanisms of GHB biosynthesis is legal in most or all jurisdictions around the world. At least, here in the U.S.A., I don't think I will get into any legal trouble.
  • Price. Illegal drugs can be expensive. Supplements can be bought in bulk (powder form, that's what I purchase if available) and will generally be much cheaper per dose.
  • Accessibility. I would like every responsible individual to have access to the benefits of occasional GHB use. The legality and the price of GHB biosynthesis greatly expand who has access to GHB. Also, due to it being mildly complicated, hopefully people will need to educate  themselves before attempting it.
  • Date rape reduction. GHB has been used in cases of date rape. I think this contributes massively to it's strange and restrictive legal status. Since biosynthesis is a somewhat complicated procedure, it's unlikely anyone could discretely slip all the ingredients required into a drink. Such a concoction would have an odd color, noticeable particles floating around, and a strange taste. If this procedure becomes popular, the black market GHB will die off, thus making it difficult for potential offenders to use it.
  • Flexibility. By changing the cAMP (and thereby succinic semialdehyde reductase) to succinic semialdehyde ratio, it is possible to make a dose last longer or shorter. You can even choose a long or short acting pde4 inhibitor (artichoke extract is standard in the CILTEP stack) to shorten or extend cAMP metabolism.
  • Rebound control. Since the CILTEP stack increases dopamine metabolism, dopamine will be depleted by the time GHB rebound occurs, unless dopamine precursors are supplied to desired effect. Glutamate rebound can be controlled either way by just using L-theanine.
  • Edit: Purity. When buying drugs on the street, you can never be sure of what's in it. Buying online can offer greater confidence, but still not particularly safe. When you biosynthesize GHB, you know it's not contaminated with leftover solvents etc.
So, there are various potential benefits to GHB biosynthesis over taking GHB itself. There are downsides too, no doubt, but we shall learn of them as we go.

A Brief GHB Overview

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) [Wiki] is a naturally occurring substance which, in the U.S., is also both a schedule I (1) and a schedule III (3) drug. It has medical potential for treating depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It is prescribed by it's trade name, Xyrem, to treat cataplexy and excessive daytime sleepiness in patients with narcolepsy. The GHB receptor itself is excitatory, and low doses of GHB has stimulant like effects [Wiki]. The sedative effects at higher doses comes from GHB's affinity for the GABA-B receptor.

Popular Use

GHB and its precursors are commonly used a social lubricant and an alternative to alcohol in party settings.

When GHB is used as a sleep aid it deepens sleep, resulting in increased release of growth hormones. For this reason, body-builders often use GHB as a sleep aid.

Use In The Treatment Of Narcolepsy

In the U.S. GHB is prescribed only for narcolepsy by the trade name of Xyrem. It works in several ways. The first is by improving sleep quality and reducing sleep disturbances, resulting in less daytime sleepiness. The second is from the post-GHB dopamine and glutamate "rebound". Dopamine is often described as the motivator neurotransmitter.


GHB should not be combined with alcohol, as this can easily result in overdose. GHB suppresses the gag reflex and alcohol can make you vomit, a dangerous combination indeed. As a rule of thumb, depressants should not be combined. Likewise for stimulants. Safe combination of almost any drugs is possible with extreme care, but is generally not recommended.

GHB has a fairly steep dose curve, so it's easy to take more than intended. If taken without other drugs, worst case scenario will often be simply falling asleep and waking up refreshed a few hours later. If very large doses are taken, breathing can be slowed to dangerous levels, resulting in death. Given the steep dose curve of GHB, doses should ideally be precise.

GHB has been reported to have addictive potential. However, GHB withdrawal symptoms could simply be due, at least in part, to excessive dopamine and glutamate rebound. If this this is the case, it can be solved using L-theanine (a benign relaxing agent found in tea) to antagonize glutamate, and, if biosynthesized, reducing dopamine precursor supplementation. Tolerance appears to increase exponentially with dose.


Since GHB tolerance doesn't seem as much of a concern at lower doses, GHB receptor agonists might not develop tolerance (several other receptors have odd behavior like that). If so, I would be interested in taking a GABA-B antagonist with my GHB precursors. Or else find a GHB receptor agonist with lower/no affinity for the GABA-B receptor.

GHB Biosynthesis Induction

GHB is produced in the brain and acts as a neurotransmitter. To induce greater GHB synthesis there are two parts involved. The first part is converting the GHB precursors to the direct precursor, succinic semialdehyde. The second part is to increase the enzyme, succinic semialdehyde reductase (SSR), which is used to synthesize GHB. This enzyme is induced by cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP, or cyclic AMP).

Increasing SSR Through Increasing cAMP Levels

To increase camp levels, I am using what is called the CILTEP stack. This stack is intended to enhance long term memory. The mechanism of action is increasing cAMP levels.

GHB Precursors

I am using GABA and calcium pyruvate, which will together be made into succinic semialdehyde. Upon reaching the brain, succinic semialdehyde will be turned into GHB by SSR.


I have added B6 to the stack to help produce succinic semialdehyde.


I have attempted this thrice. The first two times I took it was during the day, so that I could monitor the effects.

On my first attempt, I took 5mg forkolin (50mg of 10% extract), about 1.1g ALCAR and 900mg artichoke extract for my CILTEP dosing. Exactly one hour later I took 1.5g GABA with about 1.5g+ calcium pyruvate. I didn't notice anything except for a tingling throughout my body, which could have been from the oxidative stress GHB exhibits in low doses.

On my second attempt, I took the same CILTEP dosing. About an hour later I took 2.5g GABA with about 3-4 grams calcium pyruvate. I noticed definite effects including increased sensitivity to touch and relaxation, though I'm uncertain how much of the effects I should attribute to the CILTEP itself and being sleepy at the time of dosing. The major effects seemed to last a few hours, while lingering effects seemed to last until I went to sleep about 7-8 hours later.

On my third attempt, I took the same CILTEP dosing. about an hour later, I took 2g GABA and about 2-3 grams calcium pyruvate. About half an hour after that, I felt a tingling again. A quick google search tells me that it is probably just the high dose of GABA causing this. This could be a bad sign, as the GABA might not be converting to succinic semialdehyde effectively. Next, I took another 500mg of GABA with about another gram of calcium pyruvate. Soon the tingeing went away and I felt very relaxed. I fell asleep soon thereafter.

On my first control test, I took 2g GABA with 2-3g calcium pyruvate, without CILTEP. I soon felt the tingling again. However, I didn't feel the other effects that I normally experience.

On my second control test, I took 2g GABA after preloaded with about 10g calcium pyruvate over a half hour period. The goal was to convert more GABA to succinic semialdehyde. It did not work. I still felt the tingling that high doses of GABA gives.

On my third control test, I took b6 (as part of a b-complex supplement) about a half hour before hand, in order to assist the conversion. I then took 2.5-3g GABA with twice as much calcium pyruvate. It worked. I still felt a tingling, but it was dramatically reduced. Note that this was a fresh batch of GABA that I just packed into pills, and not the ageing prepacked GABA I was using before. I doubt that would be a factor, but is worth mentioning. Will need to try again to be sure.


I am still somewhat interested in GHB, but I have found other things to experiment with for now. Since I could see myself becoming addicted to GHB, there are probably better substances for me. I will probably get back to this eventually. If anyone has a particular interest in me continuing this experiment, go ahead and contact me.

Lysander Dusseljee

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