Data on me.

Hight: 5' 10"
Weight, Oct 6, 2016: 138lb
Gender: Male.
Birthday: Feb 13, 1994.


Blood pressure readings spreadsheet. Unless otherwise noted, values can be assumed to be from longstanding rest (e.g. mornings). After exercise, the values seem to remained changed for an uncanny amount of time.

Cardiac medical files. Regarding the echocardiogram, the only way these values do not indicate low pre-load is if the values are adjusted for body surface area (BSA). Given that it's not explicitly stated, that I don't know what the parenthetical notations are, and that I had tachycardia during this echo, I'm tempted to draw that conclusion. However, the values are fairly consistent with BSA adjusted values; in which case, I would have had increased cardiac output, since my heart would be pumping a normal amount of blood per beat at a high bpm.

Permanent stack (last updated: Sept 27, 2017) (these are the things that I see no end to taking, so can be assumed to be in addition to whatever else I'm doing. Dosing and other specifics may change over time):

  • Melatonin for circadian entrainment and sleep enhancement. I currently take 300mcg nightly.
  • B-12 to prevent deficiency. Also for other possible benefits, based on very very limited evidence. There is no observable upper tolerable limit. I take 5,000mcg at least once weekly, yielding at least 1%, or 50mcg, passive absorption. Sometimes I take 30,000mcg in one dose, sometimes that dose every day for a few. This is largely due to forgetting and/or a whim.
  • Niacin (flushing form) for human growth hormone (HGH) release. I take 1g in the morning.
  • Tianeptine (free acid form) for mood brightening, energy (personal anecdote), and experimental purposes. I take 60mg in the morning. I'm playing with additional doses. (update Sept 27, 17: I've been taking 60 mg at night to assist sleep onset in lieu of daytime dosing)

Currently taking regularly, as of to be updated:
  • Old stacks can be found here.
Here is my first symptom compilation. It is now somewhat outdated.

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