Data on me.

Hight: 5' 10"
Weight, October 6: 138lb

Recent Blood pressure readings. Note that my heart rate has recently been much lower than previously, which I attribute to blood volume expansion as an adaption to theobromine's vasodilation. Likewise, I've had a few blood pressure readings slightly higher than my normal (100/60), and several lower as well. Also, my DBP seems to track well with my heart rate, whereas previously my DBP read 60, virtually on the dot, regardless of heart rate. I wish I had gotten data up sooner, but may only be posting now due to my increased energy, orthostatic tolerance, and general capacity. Tiredness is much less, but sleepiness is more (presumably as an unmasking, not an increase).

Permanent stack (May 2017) (these are the things that I see no end to taking, so can be assumed to be in addition to whatever else I'm doing. Dosing and other specifics may change over time):

  • Melatonin for circadian entrainment and sleep enhancement. I take 300mcg slow release nightly. Sometimes additional melatonin regimens are added or subtracted, usually not surpassing 600mcg
  • B-12 to prevent deficiency. Also for other possible benefits, based on very very limited evidence. There is no observable upper tolerable limit. I take 5,000mcg at least once weekly, yielding at least 1%, or 50mcg, passive absorption. Sometimes I take 30,000mcg in one dose, sometimes that dose every day for a few. This is largely due to forgetting and/or a whim.
  • Niacin (flushing form) for human growth hormone (HGH) release. I take 1g in the morning.
  • Tianeptine (free acid form) for mood brightening, energy (subjective personal experience), and experimental purposes. I take 60mg in the morning. I'm playing with additional doses.

Currently taking regularly, as of march 10, 2017:
  • My current stack, as of 3-4ish days, is:
  • Intermittent fasting (for HGH); 22 hours per day (one big evening meal)
  • Nicotinic acid (niacin, flushing form) (for HGH, obligatory carb utilization, and possibly sleep); 500mg in the morning, (also started experimenting with an additional bedtime dose)
  • B-12 (to prevent deficiency,); 5,000mcg in the morning
  • Theobromine (caffeine-like molecule); 400mg in the morning
  • L-Theanine (goes well with caffeine/methylxanthines); 500mg in the morning
  • Huperzine A (for cognitive enhancement); I may stop, but was taking 300mcg in the morning. May swap for nicotine.
  • Tianeptine free acid (for several reasons); 45mg in the morning
  • Spinach; one microwaved from frozen 10oz block with salt (with dinner, both because of intermittent fasting and so the lipid soluble nutrients can be absorbed)
  • Homemade (solid) soylent thing; one nutritionally adequate meal, which happens to be moderately low carb (100-130g net carb), but for reasons other than macronutrient profile. Nevertheless, I suspect this profile works well with intermittent fasting and nicotinic acid.
  • Vitamin D3 (to prevent deficiency)(vegan); I took a 70,000 IU as a refill. Now 2,500 IU daily. Taken with meal to improve absorption.
  • Melatonin (for sleep/circadian rhythm); 300mcg 6 hour slow release (experimenting with an additional 150mcg rapid release) at night
  • Horny goat weed (for sleep/circadian rhythm); 500mg of 20% icariin and 30% icariins. Taken at night.
  • Meclizine (for sleep attributes. To counter huperzine A); I may stop if I stop taking huperzine A, or may take anyway. I was taking 50-75mg at night.

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